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Official!!! European Union Blue Card Application Form Out For Africans and Non-EU Nationals 2018 Apply Now

The EU Blue Card is Europe’s answer to the US Green Card.

The EU Blue Card is a work- and residence permit for non-EU/EEA nationals. The European Blue Card provides comprehensive socio-economic rights and a path towards permanent residence in Europe.

Recognition of Qualifications

1. The process of evaluating differences or the equivalency of professional and vocational qualifications obtained in foreign countries compared to the ones obtained within the specific hosting state is known as the Recognition of Qualifications. The intention is to determine whether there are differences in the content and the duration of such qualifications. Such procedures are governed by the Federal Law. The EU directive on the recognition of professional diplomas/qualifications is effective since 2005 and it enables the recognition of EU diplomas while also granting free access into the labor market.

2. Should there be differences among the training obtained and the one relevant in the hosting state, then compensatory measures set out by the competent authorities must be completed successfully.

3. For students that have completed their qualification programs in any of the EU member states, there is no need for further recognition of qualifications or compensation measures

Estimated Salary

1. For professions in shortage: the estimated salary is 37,752 €.

2. For university graduates the estimated salary is 46,400 €.

3. For jobs where a “special interest” is requested, the estimated salary is lower, hence, easier to obtain the EU Blue Card.


These three key conditions are to be met in order to request for the EU Blue Card.

1. Non-EU citizenship

2. Educated or professionally experienced

3. Work contract or binding job offer

Method of Application

1. Two passport-size personal photos not older than 6 months

2. Proof of application fee payment

3. A filled application form, by either you or your employer

4. A recognized university diploma

5. A valid work contract of at least one year in the hosting state

6. For regulated professions – the equivalent certificate or license of profession

7. Proof of your salary exceeding by 1.5 times the average salary in the hosting state or for professions in shortage 1.2times the average salary in the hosting state

8. A valid travel document

Application Deadline

Not Specified

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should apply online now

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